Have been following Jasmine conducting the sound bath almost every sessions. Need to relax my body with the immersion from the sound bath sessions.


I recently attended a group sound healing session with Jasmine and it was an absolutely beautiful experience. The sound bath was incredibly immersive, with a range of instruments being used to create a truly mesmerizing soundscrape. I could feel the vibrations of the sound resonating throughout my body, and it was incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. The group setting added an extra layer of depth and connection, and I left the session feeling more grounded and centered than I had in a long time.


It was my first Sound Bath Immersion with Jasmine, my experience was so amazing. I was so immersed into the sound bath where I felt my body was grounded and in my deep relaxation. In the middle of the session, I was coughing a bit. I was not having any cough. When the session ended, I asked Jasmine about the coughing part, she said that I was experiencing some sort of purging. I will definitely come back for more sessions.


Yesterday, 19th Nov 2021, was my first attempt to yin yoga. Didn’t realised that it falls on the full moon of Taurus which is the more significant to enjoy the serenity in this Candlelit Yin Flow with those Singing Bowls that made wonders on my body. Love this session and thanks to Jasmine allowing all my BFFs to restore our energy together. Elaine, thanks for the recommendations kiss


My daughter brought me to the Mother’s Day Sound Immersion hosted by Jasmine yesterday. It was our first sound bath and all I can said was, I truly enjoyed the event. The experience was so calm and relaxing. You have to experience it yourself in order to understand it. Jasmine played multiply instruments. I love the sound from the singing bowls and the chimes most.


I attended the Candlelight Yin Flow and Sound Bath with Jasmine and it was a relaxing experience as we closed our eyes and immersed her relaxing voice as she guided us into the various yin poses which we held 3 minutes. She went around helping us get into the poses with props to make us as comfortable as possible. At the end of the session, she played her singing bowls while we rested in savasana. I felt the 60 minutes session was too short though.


haven’t been able to have quality meditation lately so I’ve been trying ways to maintain and improve focus…

came across sound immersion through friend’s recommendation and i’ve been very grateful to her…

the one hours session helped washed the weariness off my mind and definitely will be back for more!


Nice environment. Session stated with yin yoga poses conducted at a comfortable pace. The sound bath experience was good and I felt very relaxed after the session.


A tranquil and quiet place to do Yin yoga. 

First time experience to sound btah. Body and mind feel relax and peaceful after session. Good. 


Decided to give it a try for sound immersion and I LOVE it!

The studio was clean and certainly comforatble. The session allowed me to wind down after a long and hectic day…

It was surpringly rejuvenating and I ended the session with a fresh and powered mind.


A very comfortable place for yoga. This is my first experience with sound bath, very special feeling, really mind cleansing.


The ambience give me a peaceful and tranquil feels. A zen state of mind and my 1st good experience with Sound Bath.


It is my 3rd times attending the sound bath and yin yoga classes by Harmonic Space. I really love the way Jasmine conducts her class. Was having regular pains on my back for a long while, and these sessions have relieved my problems by a lot….very therapeutic and peaceful.


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