Dr Conny Lerch spoke about the future of sound healing in anaesthesia.

Dr Lerch is a Consultant Anaesthetist and also a qualified sound healing practitioner with a Diploma in Integral Sound Healing from the Sound Healing Academy.

She recently represented the Sound Healing Academy in giving a presentation to the Annual National Conference of the Indian Society of Anaesthetists which took place on October 15th 2021.

She shares with us how she feels the millennial workforce needs to be open minded and to have new solutions, including sound healing,  on how to maintain a sustainable and holistic health service.


Dr Lerch highlights the need for 3 types of early intervention and causative treatments:

  • prevention
  • prophylaxis
  • pre-habilitation

She believes the implementation of these will minimise the use of more advanced hi-tech, costly treatments.

Dr Lerch believes sound healing is an adjunct to any modern medicine, empowering carers, doctors and nurses to create an appropriate environment in hospitals for healing.


Watch the video on the talk with Dr. Lerch covering some of the points covered in her presentation.