Today I like to share my humble stumble upon energy healing.

I have been pouring my energy and time into self-development, focusing a lot of my healing before stepping into my call of service to others.
It’s an ongoing, never-ending process of self-growth and learning, and I have reached a point where I feel balanced and grounded enough to give and make this service my ‘work’ honestly.

What this service is, is offering through energy healing. Sound esoteric, but I have experienced the benefits and life-changing outcomes of such powerful, ancient practices of healing. I work specifically with Integral Sound Healing & Reiki.

My Sound Healing Journey

It started when I was looking for something to heal my inner self. I stuck in an overwhelmed working environment and a daunting relationship; I was exhausted, both physically and emotionally. It was a great discovery that I found Sound Healing. Bringing balance to my inner self and calm my monkey mind. One of the healing effects of Sound Healing is entrainment of the brain/body/emotions. The sound vibrations impact our nervous system, engaging our relaxation reflex and inhibiting the stress or pain response. When you take attention off everything material, you no longer thinking and begin to slow your brainwaves down from Beta to Alpha. Of course, there are many more benefits in Sound Healing, but I am quoting based on my own experience. Ever since then, I am rooting Sound Healing as a modality I want to learn and master to help people.

My Reiki Journey

I went through my first attunement (Reiki 1) back in 2010 and had been practicing on & off since then. With Reiki 1, the core is self-healing, so the main focus is developing awareness and recognizing the channeling of energy. Attunement is passed down by Master to the student, and once you’re attuned, the Reiki flow is with you lifetime. In 2018, I met my Master’s student, who is now a Master herself and moved into my second-degree attunement with her. (I realized that my Master has left Singapore and conduct courses twice a year in Singapore). In Reiki Level 2, we learn about symbols and with the symbols, one can send distance healing. Between Level 2 to Level 3, a six-month interval is one of the requirements. And in 2019, I went for Reiki Level 3 with my first teacher. Reiki Level 3 is for personal growth and transformation. We have to be familiar with drawing Level 2 symbols, sending more healing to others as well as sending distance healing and labels. In Level 3, the Masters Symbol and heart attunement are introduced. The heart attunement gives the practitioner the skill to provide temporary Reiki to others to allow them to experience the flow of Reiki in their palm.

I can’t wait to share more of my personal journey and bring this service to you all.

I believed everybody is on a ‘journey,’ and even the most grounded person sometimes would require some form of healing. And to be able to make this ‘work’ available to anyone who is on the ‘journey’ is such an honor.

Love Jasmine