The Om mantra is written as AUM, and its three letters have a very special meaning. The A is the most open vowel and represents the waking state. The U is an intermediate vowel and represents the consciousness, the matter and the dream state. The M is the most closed consonant that we can pronounce. It is the omega, the mother, the energy of deep sleep. Now the mantra is always pronounced as OM, since the A and the U in Sanskrit are pronounced as Om and those three letters and symbolize the fourth state of consciousness, meditation or supra-consciousness.

Begin by simply chanting Om repeatedly, with awareness, and the appreciation will come. It is through the repeated chanting of Om that
you move into a meditative state and begin to engage with Om on a level deeper than that of the intellectual mind.
– It gives you deep relaxation
– Healing and elevating holistic health
– Treats depressions and reduces stress
– Increase mental alertness
– Increase concentration
– Helps to remove negativity
– Control heart diseases and blood pressure



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