Harmonize | Energy Healing - 1 session

Harmonize | Energy Healing – 1 session

Sessions designed to address and shift imbalances accumulated in the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Sessions leverage a combinations of energetic healing modalities that include REIKI & SOUND, specifically customized to the clients needs for the session.

Common Ailments Addressed

Physical Conditions | Aches and Pains (e.g. Sciatica, Lower Back Pain, Digestive Issues, Menstrual Cramps, Migraine Headache, Arthritis, Enhance Immunity and Defense, Anti Aging / Body Tune-Up, Pre/Post Surgery Support, Cancer Recovery, and more.

Mental / Emotional Conditions | Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Burn Out, Seeking Clarity, Personal Insight, Self-Love + Self-acceptance + Self Esteem, Mental + Emotional Resilience

Relationship Healing | Romantic Partnership, Parents/Child, Release Unhealthy Patterns + Old Relationship

Energy Exchange – S$130 (1 Hr)