Sound healing today is more popular than ever. In a world of increasingly fast-paced lifestyles, fast food and global uncertainty, keeping balanced and in good health is vital. 

Science may finally be catching up with practices used effectively by ancient civilisations for Mind-Body-Spirit healing with sounds.

The unique method of Integral Sound Healing has been tried and proven in thousands of case studies.  They draw on the best of modern science and ancient wisdom.

Here are the five integral sound healing techniques you can use to:

1) Reduce physical pain

2) Calm your mind

3) Release emotional pressure

4) Transform your consciousness 

5) Realise the true essence of who you really are

1) Physical: pain reduction.

A lot of people experience pain in their body.  The pain could be in joints such as the wrist, elbow or fingers. Or it could also be stored in muscles, for example, shoulder muscles.  You can use a 128 Hz weighted Tuning Fork with a rubber ball on the stem to help reduce that pain. 

You simply tap it and place it on the body around the painful area. Generally that shifts the pain really quickly.

2) Mental: calm your mind.

Many people have a busy, stressful life.  We’re wired up pretty much all the time and we need to find ways to relax, to let go and to de-stress.

Sound Healing is really good for this.  You can do it for yourself, and you can also go to Sound Baths and receive the calming sounds in that way.  You can also see a qualified one-on-one sound healing practitioner.

One of the easiest and most simple ways of calming your mind is to play a single Tibetan singing bowl.  You can simply tap it gently or play it around the rim. Just by focusing in on the sounds, listening in a very attentive mindful way is a really great way to help you to calm your mind.

3) Emotional: release pressure.

Many of us have had some kind of traumatic experience in our lives and the emotions associated with that have got stored in our bodies, maybe at a cellular level, maybe subconsciously and we’re not really aware of it.

But there’s a sense of emotional pressure that guides our behaviour, often with adverse consequences to our relationships, health and wellness.  If we can release that emotional pressure in a gentle way then we can have a greater sense of freedom and be more at ease.

One way of doing that is to play 2 crystal singing bowls, using musical intervals that are dissonant.  This helps to release blocked, stuck energy often associated with this kind of emotional pressure.

For example, you can play C and D notes on 2 bowls.  This creates an interval of a 2nd. Some people love that sound and some people go “nooooeeewww”. However, as a dissonant sound it is effective and that’s why we choose it, whether we like the sound or not.

4. Soul: transform your consciousness.

Many cultures around the world have a Shamanic element to it. One of the key instruments that is used in Shamanic practices is the hand-held frame drum. There’s a particular beat pattern, typically 3 to 4 beats per second, that if you sustain it for long enough, enables you to enter into an altered state of conscious awareness.

In that altered state, you can receive new visions or passages.  Essentially it enables you to connect with your soul and for your soul to become more present in your being. As your soul becomes more present in your being, you can become more whole.

5. Spiritual: realize the true essence of who you really are.

This is the more spiritual dimension of Sound Healing. It doesn’t have to be religious. One of the ways of doing this is to pay really close attention to the sounds of a gong, for example, as the sounds fades away.

Gongs are great because they have a long sustain.  So if you tap it, you can listen to the sounds for a long time.  You can follow the sounds from that tap into silence, into a real stillness.

You can extend the practice by putting one finger in each ear to block out the ‘external’ sounds.  Then you can pay attention to the sounds that arise more from the inner aspect of your being.

You could hear the sounds of your heart beating and your breathing.  You may be aware of the sound of the blood pulsing through your body. Maybe you could even hear the more subtle sounds of your nervous system, or sounds of something more mysterious, perhaps a Choir of Angels!

A number ancient spiritual traditions, such as Nada Yoga, have developed these practices.  By journeying on this sacred sound current, we can connect with the source of life, and in doing that, we can realize the true essence of who we really are.

Then we feel at peace, filled with love and compassion for ourselves and others.  This is deep healing.


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