Sound Immersion

Date: 26.11.20 Thursday

Sound Immersion 

A Sound Immersion relaxes the body & promotes deep meditative and rejuvenating states. While reclining and breathing slowly your body is immersed in a bath of SOUND.

The healing vibrations pass through our bodies, opening blockages, allowing our minds to quiet down. This sound experience functions as a tune-up for the body, where soundscape created by healing instruments will be used to attune your body. Sound has a profound ability to restore and harmonize the body on a cellular level. The resonant tones of the singing bowls calm the overactive mind into alpha and theta brainwave states. These frequencies access the subconscious, bring about deep insight, creativity, and spiritual awareness.

Sound healing works on the principle that everything in our universe is energy, which has a vibration. Everything in existence with the universe is in a vibrational state.

Six main ways that sound healing works:

  • Triggers Relaxation Response
  • Releases Suppressed Emotions
  • Balances Bio-Sound Field
  • Entrains Body / Emotions
  • Transforms Beliefs
  • Engages the healee
  • Sets Intentions

The session is set to hold in a small group to allow each participant to have a quality of practice that benefits their well-being.

Wear comfortable clothes to lay down; bring your own water, a shawl or cardigan to cover yourself and lastly an open heart.

Location: 10 Winstedt Rd, Block A 02-02, Singapore, 227977. Beside ACS Junior (Newton MRT)

  • Exit B at Newton MRT
  • Turn left as per Cairnhill CC signboard
  • Walk till T-junction & turn left toward overhead bridge
  • Turn right and cross the road and walk along ’KIDDIWINKIE’ newton carpark
  • Walk past LaSalle, turn left at Winstedt Road & cross the zebra crossing along ACS Junior
  • 10 Winstedt is after ACS JR.


Price: S$20

Time: 7.45 – 8.45 pm



+65 91826590