There is no better way to give space to see yourself and the world in a different light than a retreat. It allows the opportunity to reset, renew and develop new relationship with yourself. Retreat with Jasmine is a deep immersion of  vibrational wellness and healing with tools you can adopt in your everyday living.  





JUNE 10-21, 2022

* All inclusive – 3 star acommodations, food, fees to all attractions, visa, airfare on all Druk Air flights.

* Daily Yin Yoga with singing bowl sound bath except for Day 6 & Day 10.

Highlight of the tour


After a quick reception by your guide, your journey progresses in Bhutan and an hour later, you are in the capital city of Bhutan- Thimphu.

En route to Thimphu on the midway, a small halt awaits. You will have a relaxing moment after your tiring flight, the 14th-century temple offers you a relaxing atmosphere to set a welcome mood to Bhutan.

After checking into your hotel, attempt a walk along the busiest streets of Thimphu. The walk helps you to acclimatize better.

Overnight – Thimphu


Unfurling Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan is a vantage rendezvous that has settled the modern and the medieval realms together.

Sightseeing in Thimphu allows tourists to understand Bhutan with just one glance and experience Bhutan first hand.

It is through witnessing folk heritage museum, Buddha Dordema, arts and crafts school, takin preserve, religious fortresses and temples that one can understand Bhutan at its best.

Overnight – Thimphu


Starting a bit early, as it shall throughout the tour, we go deeper westbound to Punakha, the ancient capital of Bhutan. It will be a smooth two-hour journey. At half distance, we will stop at a mountain pass at 3050 meters- Do Chula.

Do Chula is very famous amongst tourists visiting Bhutan. In 2016, the mountain pass was the most visited tourist spot. Before arriving at Punakha, the temple of fertility is a must visit.

On the way, there is an opportunity to take a village walk witnessing the gleeful lives of Bhutanese folks.

Overnight – Punakha


The journey to the spiritual heartland will be tiring six-hours long. We will endeavor to make your journey more interesting than the destination. On the way, we will stand awe-struck at Bhutan’s longest religious fortress – Trongsa Dzong.

At the center of the country, in a time of only mule tracks, it was a gateway amongst the people of four cardinal directions. Passing by the fortress to the destination, another halt comes at a mountain pass- Pelela at 3140 meters.

Hereon, the journey starts ascending to Bumthang after battling another uphill mountain pass- Yotongla at 3551 meters.

Overnight – Bumthang


The Nimalung Tshechu will culminate with a rare display of a giant silk applique thangkha (painting) depicting Guru Padmasambava or some other important Buddhist deity this morning.

In between the mask dances, we will leave the venue to visit other places in Bumthang.

One can opt to go for cottage cheese tasting or beer tasting or better, learn more about beekeeping.

Overnight – Punakha


Brief Introduction of Tsampa Pema Gyeltsen (Master) is enclosed.


From Bumthang, we retrace our journey and enter the glacial valley of Phobjikha (3,500m.) Here, we see probably Bhutan’s biggest stretch of plains in the north which has been adopted by the elegant but endangered Black-Necked Crane as its winter home.

There is an air of deep spirituality about this place as well as the iconic Gangtey Monastery, the seat of the revered Peling Branch of Vajrayana Buddhism is located atop a mound here.

The setting of the valley is restricted to ‘as-it-is’ state for the valley greets the endangered migratory Black-Necked Crane every winter serving as the roosting ground.

Overnight – Phobjikha


On the way back to the capital city, we leave Phobjikha only after hiking an hour long trail- the Nature’s Trail.

Along the trail, we encounter mosses referred to as ‘old man’s beard’ that indicates the purity of the air.

Overnight – Thimphu


We retrace our journey to Paro, the only air gateway to Bhutan. While in Paro, to acclimatize better and to prepare for the next day’s hike, the tour will take you to the oldest Buddhist temple in the country built in the 7th century.

Another equally fascinating monumental visit will be to the ruins of Drukgyal Dzong, the fortress of victory.

Overnight – Paro

Day 10 PARO

After a quick breakfast equipping everything recommended, we set on the most awaited segment of the tour. The toil of the day before comes to play as you hike to the Tiger’s Nest.

Etched precariously on a carve of a granite cliff at 3120 meters, almost 1000 meters above the valley floor, Taktshang is the cultural icon of Bhutan.

It is for this particular attraction, tourists flock to Bhutan and pilgrims attempts to visit the monastery at least once in a lifetime, if not more. The switchback trail to Taktshang offers respite through picturesque vistas of nature.

After finishing the trail, the mind, and body equally exhausted, you might want to get a trekker’s foot massage for a good night’s sleep.

Overnight – Paro


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  2. Drinks & Beverage
  3. Tip
  4. Telephone Calls
  5. Laundry
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