About Harmonic Space



  • Balance Energy in Meridians with Tuning Forks | Sound Healing Academy (UK)
  • Creating Healing Musical Intervals with Tuning Forks | Sound Healing Academy (UK)
  • Balancing the Chakras with Tibetan Singing Bowls | Sound Healing Academy (UK)
  • 200 hours Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training | HOM Yoga 
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training 60 Hours Myofascial Release  Myoyin & Spine Anatomy | Jo Phee
  • Level 1 Foundations of Integral Sound Healing | Sound Healing Academy (UK)
  • Singing Bowl Practitioner Certification | Himalayan Singing Bowl
  • Reiki Master | The Reiki Centre
  • Naad Practitioner Certification (Naad Yoga 1) using Singing Bowls | Welling Space
  • Yin Meridian Training 30 hours | Yoga In Asia
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training 100 hours | Yoga In Asia
  • Yoga Therapist Certificate 200 hours | D.B. Ayurvedic College & Hospital (India)


It all started with some CURIOUSITY and inspiring SPIRITUAL.

My first taste of yoga while working for a high stress corporate trading company where I began my training as a yoga therapist.

Through years of continuous training, it set me onto a path of questioning the nature of existence and realms of reality beyond our understanding of life. As a result of dedicating myself to a path of personal healing & evolvement, I have glimpsed the unlimited potential of consciousness and experience my capacity for change and growth.

I have spent the last few years engrossed in the disciplines of Reiki Healing, Sound Healing, Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Hatha-Vinyasa and Tantra.

It is through this research that I began to identify a connective commonality between these modalities and their energetic footprint on our bodies.

The goal is to grow so strong in the inside that nothing on the outside can affect your inner wellness without your conscious permission.

I inspire to share the tools and practices I have gathered to help you find balance grounding and provide a safe space for your well being.