22.01.21 | Yin & Meridian Nidra

Date: 22.01.21 Friday


Yin & Meridian Nidra

A restorative Yin practice that comprises of 30 minutes of Yin based on Chinese Meridian theories and 20 minutes of Meridian Nidra.

Each session, we will be exploring the Yin Poses that stimulate the main 12 major meridians. Most major meridians are named after the internal organs they influence and are connected with: an organ’s Qi moves through that organ’s meridian.

Meridian Nidra is a visualisation practice to strengthen the entire meridian system of the body through actively visualising the qi flow of the 12 acupuncture meridians of the body and coaxing the qi to flow along their respective pathways.

Expect to feel a deep sense of relaxation and release throughout your whole body in this practice that will access your parasympathetic nervous system and leave you refreshed for the week ahead.

The session is set to hold in a small group to allow each participant to have a quality of practice that benefits their well-being.

Wear comfortable clothes to stretch and lay down; bring your own water, a shawl or cardigan to cover yourself and lastly an open heart.

Location:  34 Upper Weld Road, 02-01.

Nearest MRT: Jalan Besar (DT22) OR Rochor (DT13) (Downtown line)

  • Exit B from Jalan Besar
  • Exit B from Rochor
  • Few minutes walk from both MRT

The door at the ground floor is unlocked 10 minutes before the session. Push the door and walk up to level 2.

Yoga mat is provided but you’re welcome to bring your own or towel to lay over.

Payments and registration

We also accept payment via Paynow and/or bank transfer. If you prefer to pay via Paynow and/or bank transfer, please write to harmonicspacesg@gmail.com to complete your registration and reserve your spot.

Price: S$20

Time: 7.25 pm – 8.15 pm


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Call Me:+65 81651958



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