Full Moon Meditation + Sound Bath


Date: 21.3.19 Thursday

The full moon is very connected to spiritual practices. The rays of the moon affect human beings, animals, plants, water and so on. As our bodies consist of 70% water, the full moon meditation helps the seekers in going inward, transcending the mind, and experiencing the divinity within.
In this full moon session, we will first elevate our personal vibrations by a series of Pranayama (breathing exercise) and chanting OM mediation. OM is the primordial sound creating and pervading the whole Universe.

You will be further returned to holistic resonance by tuning to
Sound Healing using singing bowl and drum to open heart and crown to receive divine energy.

Wear comfortable clothes to lay down and bring your own mat.

Date: 21.3.2019 Thursday

Time: 7.30 – 9 pm

Location: 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace 02-23 Singapore 168976

Price: S$40