09.06.20 & 07.07.20| Meridian Yin Flow & Sound Bath

Date: 09.06.20 & 07.07.20 Tuesday

Meridian Yin Flow & Sound Bath

A restorative Yin practice that comprises of 60 minutes of Yin based on Chinese Meridian theories and 15 minutess of Sound Bath.

In Chinese medicine the channels that conduct energy throughout the body are called “meridians.” These conduits form a network. If the network is disrupted, if blockages occur, the body will not function properly – Chi, Ching, and Shen do not flow as required, the organs will not perform their function, and imbalance arises. When the meridians are clear and open, energy flows freely and all is well once more.

Each session, we will be exploring the Yin Poses that stimulate the main 12 major meridians. Most major meridians are named after the internal organs they influence and are connected with: an organ’s Qi moves through that organ’s meridian.

You will be further returned to holistic resonance by tuning to Sound Healing using singing bowls, Wind Gong, Tuning Fork and chime to open heart and crown to receive divine energy. This practice will utterly transport you as you lay in rest enveloped in the healing vibrations of Sound Bath. Expect to leave feeling centered, dialed in and ethereal — and don’t be surprised if you get the best night’s sleep of your life!

The session is set to hold in a small group to allow each participant to have a quality of practice that benefits their well-being.

Wear comfortable clothes to lay down; bring your own water, a shawl or cardigan to cover yourself and lastly an open heart.

Location:195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace #02-13A Singapore 168976.

Directions to our space

Direction via MRT (Chinatown MRT, Exit C)

1) Take the blue line (downtown line) or purple line (northeast line) to MRT station.

2) Get out via Exit C.

3) Walk through People’s Park Hawker Centre and exit from the back of the food centre. You will see a carpark gantry (Not the Multi-storey carpark) and a long flight of steps slightly further up.

4) Walk up the flight of sheltered stairway.

5) You will see the main lobby of the building.

6) Head up to level 2 and turn right. Walk along to the end of the corridor. We are located just before the end.

Price: S$20

Time: 7.15 pm – 8.30 pm



+65 91826590