Earth Day Yin Yoga + Sound Bath

Date: 10.4.19 Wednesday

This April we celebrate the Earth Day.

In this Yin Yoga experience, dedicating to the Mother Earth, simple yet powerful embraces the grounding, healing qualities of the Earth Element, gently stimulating the root Chakra and instilling feelings of peace, tranquility and safety. The practice will progress through a sequence of Yin Yoga designed to rejuvenate the body, stretching out connective tissue where the poses are long held to bring you in a meditative, calm and self awareness state.

You will be further returned to holistic resonance by tuning to Sound Healing using singing bowls to open heart and crown to receive divine energy.

Wear comfortable clothes to lay down and bring your own mat.

Date: 10.4.19

Time: 7.30pm – 8.45pm (75mins)

Location: 195 Peal’s Hill Terrace #02-23 Singapore 168976

Price: S$20


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